‘Kiss My…” – David Cameron Reacts to Rep. Marjorie’s Blunt Remark at Munich Security Conference

by Jessica
Marjorie Taylor

At the Munich Security Conference, U.K. Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister David Cameron found himself at the center of attention after a brusque comment from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) drew chuckles from the audience, as reported by BENZINGA on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

Greene’s response to Cameron’s plea for increased funding for Ukraine was blunt: “kiss my ass,” reported Sky News.

Despite the sharp retort, Cameron took the comment in stride, adding a touch of humor by remarking, “We didn’t get anatomical at that stage, it was very early in our relationship.”

The Congresswoman’s remark came in response to Cameron’s article on The Hill, where he urged U.S. politicians to support a funding package for Ukraine, stressing its significance for U.K. and European security.

Greene’s dismissive retort, “he needs to worry about his own country and frankly he can kiss my a**,” reflected her stance on the issue.

However, Cameron remained undeterred by the exchange, reaffirming his dedication to advocating for the foreign aid package, which has already cleared the Senate but faces resistance in the House of Representatives.

Cameron showed understanding for the political pressures facing American lawmakers, emphasizing the importance of the aid package not just for Europe, but also for the United States.

This incident highlights the ongoing debate over foreign aid in the U.S. Greene’s vocal opposition to combining aid for Ukraine and Israel emphasize the divisions among lawmakers on the issue, further complicating efforts to pass the aid package.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has joined the chorus calling on Congress to expedite approval of additional aid for Ukraine, particularly in the aftermath of the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions, Ukraine has been actively seeking military assistance from Western allies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent visits to Germany and France aimed to secure military aid and finalize bilateral security agreements, emphazing the urgency of the situation in Ukraine and the need for additional aid to counter Russian aggression.

As the debate over foreign aid continues, the remarks exchanged between Cameron and Greene serve as a reminder of the complex geopolitical dynamics at play and the challenges in rallying support for international assistance programs.

Amidst the diplomatic exchange, Cameron’s ability to maintain composure and humor underscores the delicate balance required in international relations.

While Greene’s remark may have injected a moment of levity into the serious discussions at the conference, it also highlights the passionate differences among policymakers regarding foreign policy priorities.

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