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Dad says his 11-year-old daughter was sekually assaulted and then strangled to death, hours after she called and warned him about this!

by Jessica

Law enforcement authorities issued a statement revealing that Carmelo, the father, made a tragic discovery upon his return home from work – his young daughter, Maria, had been strangled to death. Adding to the horrifying details, the 11-year-old girl had also been subjected to a se*ual assault.

On the fateful day, before leaving for work, Carmelo had a conversation with his daughter Maria. Subsequently, he received two distressing voice messages from her. In these messages, Maria described hearing knocks on the door and feeling uncertain about the situation.

She shared her confusion and fear, while her father advised her not to open the door for anyone. They agreed that she would stay in her room, but communication abruptly stopped, leaving Carmelo anxious. He tried repeatedly to contact her, prompting him to reach out to Maria’s aunt and uncle for assistance. However, their search within the apartment did not yield any results.

Concerned by the lack of response, Carmelo contacted family members to ensure his daughter’s well-being. Eventually, he made a heartbreaking discovery – Maria’s lifeless body was concealed within a trash bag, nestled in a laundry basket beneath her bed. Devastated by the sight, he promptly alerted emergency services.

Despite their efforts, paramedics pronounced her deceased at the scene. Subsequent investigations revealed that Maria’s tragic death resulted from asphyxiation due to strangulation and injuries to her head and neck caused by blunt force. Additionally, authorities confirmed that she had been subjected to a se*ual assault. Remarkably, there was no sign of forced entry into the home.

Currently, Carmelo is not considered a suspect in the case. Police have collected DNA samples from neighbors and are meticulously reviewing surveillance footage from the vicinity. A neighbor expressed their sentiments, emphasizing the innocence and sweetness of Maria while urging the apprehension of those responsible.

In the midst of this tragedy, Maria’s family remains resolute in their wish to return her body to their homeland, Guatemala, where her mother and sister reside. Maria had always dreamt of reuniting with her loved ones in her home country.

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