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Dad of 6 Allegedly Gunned Down & Killed by Mom’s Ex at Daughter’s Graduation Party

by Jessica

A day meant for celebration turned into a day of heartbreak and sorrow for a Texas family. Adam Tobias, a loving father of six, was joyfully attending his daughter Destiny’s high school graduation party in Houston. However, the festivities took a dark turn when a disagreement arose between Tobias and Phillip Arning, the estranged boyfriend of Destiny’s mother.

As the argument escalated, a shocking act of violence unfolded, and Tobias was shot on the front steps of the home. Despite the efforts of those present, the beloved father succumbed to his injuries. Destiny, the recent graduate, clung to her father’s lifeless body, grappling with the devastating loss and questioning why he was taken from her so suddenly.

Arning, the alleged shooter, was apprehended by the Houston Police Department shortly after the incident. Reports suggest that he was discontented with Tobias’s presence at the party, which led to the fatal confrontation. He has been charged with murder and is set to face court proceedings.

The grief-stricken family is left to mourn the loss of a doting father and husband. Neftaly Perez, Tobias’s wife, and Destiny’s stepmother expressed her devastation at the thought of never hearing his voice or feeling his affection again. The couple had been together for 16 years and also shared five young sons, who now face the daunting reality of growing up without their father.

In an emotional interview, Destiny emphasized that Arning had no right to be at their home, and she struggles to comprehend how he can walk free while her father is gone forever. The pain of that night haunts her, as she held onto her father’s lifeless body during the tragic event.

As the family tries to cope with the immense loss, a GoFundMe page was created by Tobias’s niece to support them during this challenging time. The page describes Adam as the life of the party, always wearing a smile and showering his loved ones with affection. The family hopes to give him the dignified burial he deserves and cherish the beautiful memories he left behind.

The entire community is left shaken by this senseless act of violence, and they now rally together to support the grieving family as they navigate the painful journey of healing and remembrance.

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