David, a history teacher in high school from Huntsville, AL, had his 16-month-old daughter diagnosed with cancer. We all know how exhausting cancer treatments are, and so do David’s colleagues.

As a father, he wanted to be next to his daughter every day during the treatment, but he went out on sick days at the beginning of the process.

His daughter was getting her treatments 100 miles away from home so she needed her father to be next to her.

David gets one sick day a month and the Green family needed 40 days, so his wife decided to post on Facebook and see whether teachers were willing to help and donate one sick day. The response of the other teachers was amazing.

His coworkers donated most of their sick days and added more than 100!

“We were blown away with the response that we received with the sick days. We were hoping to get a couple days so he could be here once a week,” David’s wife said. “It is a huge blessing and we can’t wait until we are in the position to give back and help others.”

This is amazing and everyone should know this story and help coworkers in need.