Controversial MAGA Host Criticizes Marjorie Taylor Greene, Suggests Shift in Support from Voters, and Raises Speculations of Affair with McCarthy (Video)

by Jessica

Marjorie Taylor Greene has become too hoity-toity for the likes of rural Georgia, says a pissed-off conservative radio host who is absolutely “through” with the Congresswoman who “ditched” him.

She’s so high on her horse, she won’t return any calls from the regular folk who voted for her, he says, and that includes his own attempts to reach the self-absorbed lawmaker.

In fact, the former MTG supporter, Brian K. Pritchard — a Georgia Qnut himself who believes the 2020 election was stolen and, allegedly, voted an illegal nine times in his own state last year while on felony probation — says, like him, the people “to the strongest of the right” in the “reddest” of her red district are “not happy” with Marge. (See the first video below, posted by PatriotTakes.)

“I can’t get you on the telephone. I can’t get you to return a text message,” he said to a non-present Greene on his BKP Politics show earlier this week. ”

And trust me, I’m not the only one. … I know people in her district that she should be communicating with — the grassroots coordinators of her district that she should be in tune with that she now tells to ‘please speak with one of my staff,'” the offended MAGA man says.

I mean, I’m okay that you ditched me, MTG, alright?” he continues, before insinuating with a chuckle, “You and Kevin [McCarthy]?

We’ve heard the stories! But the people, MTG, on the 14th that you are now telling ‘Please communicate with my staff?’ Whoa.” (See the second video below, posted by PatriotTakes.)

He then pulls a Marjorie Taylor Greene and fuels a rumor about the cozy relationship between Greene and McCarthy. ”

I sure as hell hope you’re not crawling out from under a desk somewhere…because that is the nasty vile comments being made about you all over social media, Marjorie.”

And finally, the crazed host vents how he used to stand up for Greene, but he is done. “Every time the media wanted to say QAnon or Jewish Space Lasers we pushed back.

We fought for this individual! But I fight no longer, I fight no longer. …I’m through.” (See bottom video, below.)

If it takes one to know one, looks like Marge already knows this guy inside and out.

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