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Consideration Before Offering to be a Surrogate: A Tale of Friendship and Parenthood

by Jessica

Parenthood can be a challenging journey, especially for couples struggling with infertility. In a heartwarming story of friendship and selflessness, Kevin and Nicole found hope when their best friends, Lianna and Shawn, offered to be their gestational carrier. However, before embarking on such a life-altering decision, it is crucial to carefully weigh the emotional, physical, and practical implications involved.

Kevin and Nicole had resigned themselves to the idea that they might never become parents. Nicole had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease during her teenage years, which she had managed for over a decade. Unfortunately, the condition, known as TTP, posed risks to pregnancy due to the medication Nicole needed. Balancing her own health with the desire for a child seemed impossible. While some women with TTP could have successful pregnancies, the odds were uncertain, and the potential complications weighed heavily on the couple.

Initially, the couple explored adoption as an alternative, but they soon discovered the high costs associated with the legal process. They also considered in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy but were unsure if Nicole’s condition would pose further obstacles. To add to their challenges, paid surrogacy was prohibited in their state. Nicole then decided to freeze her eggs as a precautionary measure, without yet knowing who would serve as the gestational carrier. “We had heard stories of sisters and mothers carrying, but I don’t have a sister, and my mother is beyond the suitable age,” Nicole shared. “We took this step hoping for the best.”

Unbeknownst to Kevin and Nicole, Lianna and Shawn, their dear friends of two decades, had always envisioned having a large family. By the time Lianna was 37 and Shawn 40, they had already welcomed five children into their lives. Six months after the birth of their fifth child, Lianna made a surprising announcement during a dinner with Kevin and Nicole. She expressed her desire to have one or two more children, not for herself but for Kevin and Nicole. Overwhelmed by this unexpected offer, Kevin and Nicole exchanged puzzled glances, wondering why Lianna would want to expand their family. As Lianna elaborated, tears welled up in their eyes. Lianna was volunteering to be their surrogate.

Although Lianna still needed to undergo rigorous medical and mental evaluations, she successfully passed all tests. With great anticipation, the couple proceeded with the embryo implantation, pledging their unwavering support to Lianna throughout the journey. Ultimately, their dreams of becoming parents were fulfilled, as Lianna gave birth to not just one, but two healthy babies, Dominic and Luciana. The selflessness of their best friends had made their lifelong dream a reality, an act of kindness and generosity they vowed to honor forever.

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