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Chrissy Teigen Delights Fans with an Endearing Video of Her Son Wren’s First Smile

by Jessica

Chrissy Teigen melted hearts as she shared a heartwarming family moment over the weekend – a precious video of her baby son’s first smile. The endearing clip was posted on her Instagram yesterday.

In the video, little Wren Alexander Stephens was snuggled up in his mother’s arms, looking absolutely adorable in white jammies adorned with green cartoon frog prince illustrations. Chrissy, dressed in a cozy fuzzy gray sweater, sat on the couch cradling her son.

As the video progressed, Wren looked up at his mom and beamed a wide smile. Excitedly, Chrissy turned to the person filming and exclaimed, “Oh my god, oh my god, did you get it? Oh my gosh! That was so big.”

Ecstatic with this milestone, Chrissy captioned the post, “FINALLLLLLYYYYY! A smile 🥰🥰🥰.”

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend welcomed Wren, their second son, just last month through a surrogate. Earlier, in January, they had also joyfully welcomed their daughter Esti Maxine Stephens.

In an emotional Instagram post announcing Wren’s birth, Chrissy revealed her long-standing desire for a big family, wanting four children.

However, after the heartbreaking loss of her son Jack during pregnancy in 2020, she wasn’t sure if she could carry more babies herself. So, the couple decided to explore surrogacy, hoping for two volunteers to carry two of their babies simultaneously, almost like twins.

Despite the surrogacy plans, Chrissy decided to attempt IVF once more to try carrying one of the children herself, and fortunately, she became pregnant with Esti.

Chrissy and John are also proud parents to their seven-year-old daughter Luna and five-year-old son Miles.


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