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Chris Christie Thinks Republicans Are ‘Kidding’ Themselves If They Don’t Think Trump Is Going To Lose In 2024

by Jessica

While Donald Trump remains a favorite among Republican voters for the 2024 candidacy, doubts persist about his ability to defeat incumbent President Joe Biden in a general election. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a vocal Trump critic, expressed his reservations on Fox News.

As per Raw Story, Host Howard Kurtz argued that 60% of Republicans dismiss the charges against Trump as partisan and view them as the weaponization of law enforcement. He suggested that the GOP’s current state might be misjudged.

However, Christie disagreed, pointing out that regardless of one’s stance on the charges, they are likely to impact independent voters and moderate Democrats in a general election, two crucial demographics for Republicans. Christie emphasized that Trump’s four indictments, including his complicity on January 6th, would be a significant hurdle to winning over these voters.

Regarding January 6th, Christie recalled how Trump had urged his supporters to march to Capitol Hill but opted to remain in his office, watching the events unfold. He asserted that Trump’s conduct and the charges against him would undoubtedly become a major focus in the general election if he were the Republican nominee.

Christie concluded by stating that ignoring the potential impact of these charges on the general election would be a mistake, potentially leading to defeat for the Republican Party.

Nevertheless, if Trump is convicted and maintains strong polling numbers, the possibility of a presidential nominee campaigning from prison or while under house arrest could become a unique aspect of American politics.

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