Chris Christie: Fear of Donald Trump Drives Some Republicans’ Public Support

by Jessica

Chris Christie Criticizes Donald Trump’s Conduct During Capitol Riots on Face the Nation

During a recent interview on Face the Nation, Chris Christie, a political rival of Donald Trump, expressed his disapproval of Trump’s behavior during the January 6th Capitol riots.

While discussing the ongoing investigations and recent indictments related to the events, Christie refrained from confirming whether he believed Trump’s actions that day were criminal.

However, he shed light on why he believes Trump still retains a significant number of supporters despite facing legal challenges.

Christie attributed some Republicans’ shifting stances on “law and order,” even in cases involving presidential candidates, to fear of Donald Trump.

He pointed out that Trump had invited his supporters to the Capitol, inciting them with false claims of election theft, and then urged them to march there.

However, once the chaos unfolded, Trump retreated to the safety of the White House, leaving his supporters to face the consequences.

Although Christie asserted that he would need to review the evidence presented by the special counsel, Jack Smith, before forming a judgment on whether Trump broke the law,

he expressed disappointment with claims absolving the former president of responsibility for the Capitol riots.

Christie emphasized that Trump had misled his followers by fabricating allegations of election fraud and then encouraged them to protest while the votes were being counted.

Throughout this process, Trump remained in the White House, taking no action to quell the situation.

This isn’t the first instance of Chris Christie criticizing Donald Trump. In the past, Trump has targeted Christie, making derogatory remarks about his weight and political views.

Christie fired back at Trump’s insults in a scathing tweet, challenging him to speak directly on the debate stage instead of resorting to online taunts.

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