Caitlyn Jenner shares ‘sad’ truth about relationship with ex-wife Kris Jenner

by Jessica

Caitlyn Jenner has candidly discussed her relationship with her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, shedding light on their dynamics during an interview tied to a new documentary.

Caitlyn, 73, shares daughters Kendall and Kylie with Kris, 67, and they tied the knot in 1991 just five months after meeting. However, their relationship encountered challenges, leading to their separation in 2013 and eventual divorce in the following year, citing irreconcilable differences.

Despite the separation, the Kardashian-Jenner empire continues to thrive. It’s now the focus of a new Sky documentary titled “House of Kardashian,” a three-part docu-series that delves into the family’s ascent, influence, and the price associated with Kardashian-level fame.

While the Kardashian family opted not to participate in the project, Caitlyn chose to be part of it to safeguard her family’s interests. She explained her motivation during an interview on This Morning to promote the documentary, saying, “I want to protect my family.” Caitlyn emphasized her love for her children and her pride in their achievements.

Reflecting on the early days of her relationship with Kris, Caitlyn shared, “I was just turning 40… and on a blind date, I met Kris, and we hit it off from day one.” When asked if it was love at first sight, she responded affirmatively, adding that she was deeply impressed by Kris’s intelligence, style, and way of life.

Caitlyn and Kris swiftly got married just five and a half months after meeting, given their mutual appreciation and the similar baggage they brought into the relationship, each having four children from previous unions.

However, Caitlyn acknowledged that her relationship with Kris has significantly changed over the years. She mentioned, “Well, Kris, I really never talk to anymore… Yeah, I know, it’s sad.”

Caitlyn indicated that if any communication is necessary, her manager handles it. She explained that when you have as many children as she does, you naturally become closer to some than others.

Caitlyn shared that she maintains a closer relationship with the Jenner side of her family, including Brandon, Brody, Burt, and Casey, but her contact with Kris has become limited, which she finds rather saddening given the experiences they’ve shared.

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