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Brother and sister, who were in a relationship, were high on drugs and engaging in indcent activity behind the elementary school

by Jessica

According to court documents, a 27-year-old defendant, later identified as Cody, has confessed to the prosecutors that he fatally assaulted his 18-year-old sister, Heather, behind a local elementary school. Shockingly, prosecutors revealed that Cody and Heather were involved in an illicit relationship. In an interview with investigators, Cody allegedly admitted to both incestuous acts and murder.

Court records indicate that family members were apparently aware of this disturbing relationship, which had persisted for several years. The defendant recounted that he and his sister were under the influence of drugs and engaging in sexual activity at a park when Heather purportedly asked him to harm her. Cody expressed reluctance.

During the interview with investigators, he further disclosed that he had repeatedly assaulted his sister during these encounters before carrying her back home, which was several blocks away, and then going to sleep.

When Cody woke up later that Sunday, he discovered that Heather was unresponsive and appeared lifeless. Family members rushed the victim to the hospital, where medical staff tragically pronounced her dead. As part of the investigation, prosecutors detained several family members, including three adults present at the house.

In a bizarre twist, both Cody and Heather’s mother also find themselves in custody on suspicion of providing false information to the police regarding a murder case involving her children. According to the arrest warrant, Colleen, their mother, had knowledge of the murder after Cody called her to report Heather’s death.

Court documents suggest that it took multiple interviews for Colleen to finally admit what she knew. Initially, she claimed to have merely stopped by the house and professed ignorance about Heather’s fate. However, she later informed the police that when she arrived, Cody had an unsettling demeanor and alluded to something dreadful had occurred.

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