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Bombshell Report: FBI Corroborated Biden Bribery Claims, Told US Attorney

by Jessica
Joe Biden

According to a recent report, the FBI has reportedly corroborated certain aspects of a story shared by a confidential source.

The source alleges that the leader of a Ukrainian energy company disclosed information about bribing two members of the Biden family.

The information was documented in an FD-1023 form, which was submitted in 2020 and released just last week.

The form contains unverified allegations and recounts what the confidential human source, referred to as CHS, told the FBI about a meeting with Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings, where Hunter Biden served on the board.

During the meeting, the source inquired if Hunter or Joe Biden had advised Zlochevsky to keep Hunter Biden on board, to which Zlochevsky allegedly replied that both of them did.

The form states that Zlochevsky mentioned it cost $5 million to pay each of the Bidens, though it was unclear whether these payments had already been made.

The report also indicates that Zlochevsky stated investigators would take a decade to find records of illicit payments to Joe Biden.

The FBI apparently verified the source’s travel records and confirmed that the source was present in the locations where interactions with Zlochevsky reportedly occurred, which included Kyiv, Ukraine in late 2015 or early 2016, Vienna, Austria in 2016, and London in 2019.

The FBI then passed this FD-1023 information to Delaware investigators, expressing that it appeared credible and warranted further examination.

It’s worth noting that the FBI office responsible for the initial screening lacked the authority to conduct further investigations into the allegations mentioned in the form.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich expressed his views on the situation, stating that while no single piece of information can be considered definitive, the accumulation of allegations against the Bidens is significant.

Gingrich believes that there is a possibility of direct payments to former Vice President Joe Biden, or payments funneled through Hunter Biden, and he thinks that more evidence continues to emerge each week.

Gingrich suggests that at some point, the situation will gain widespread attention, even from major media outlets, due to its potential national security and ethical implications.

In conclusion, a new report has brought to light the FBI’s corroboration of certain details from a confidential source regarding allegations of bribery involving the Biden family and a Ukrainian energy company.

The situation remains under scrutiny and continues to generate public interest.

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