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Biden’s St. Croix Retreat: Public Appearance, Local Backlash, and The Gateway Pundit’s Plea for Support

by Jessica
Joe Biden

On December 30, 2023, President Joe Biden, at the age of 81, broke his several-day hiatus from public appearances during his vacation on the picturesque Caribbean island of St. Croix. The President participated in mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Christiansted, warmly waving to reporters without addressing their inquiries.

Later in the day, the Bidens were observed enjoying a meal at Too. Chez, a local seafood restaurant in St. Croix. During his interaction with reporters, President Biden surprisingly shared a New Year’s resolution, revealing his commitment to returning to St. Croix the following year.

This revelation, however, which seemed to revolve around personal leisure, drew criticism. The article published by The Gateway Pundit on Saturday, December 30, 2023, went on to brand Biden as a “typical psychopath and narcissist,” accusing him of neglecting crucial issues such as inflation, the release of American hostages, and overall citizen well-being.

The local community in St. Croix displayed mixed sentiments toward Biden’s visit, with a notable incident captured on video. A boat, prominently displaying a “Biden” flag, sailed in the vicinity, serving as a visual representation of the discontent some residents harbored during the President’s stay.

While covering Biden’s vacation, the article seamlessly incorporates promotional content related to “The 50 Most Romantic Hotels in the World for 2023” and issues a plea for support from readers, citing alleged resource constraints faced by The Gateway Pundit.

The latter part of the article delves into additional details about the author, Cristina Laila, who joined The Gateway Pundit in 2016 and now holds the position of Associate Editor. It also highlights offerings such as ad-reduced access and special merchandise for supporters.

The article concludes by presenting various sections dedicated to video content, featured products in the TGP Store, and trending news on The Gateway Pundit website. Topics covered range from Tucker Carlson’s commentary to a shocking assault on a Chipotle employee in South Carolina.

In essence, the comprehensive article captures President Biden’s public appearance during his St. Croix vacation, juxtaposed with local reactions and critical commentary on his surprising New Year’s resolution. The inclusion of promotional content and calls for support adds a layer of complexity to the coverage, shedding light on broader issues faced by The Gateway Pundit as an online platform.

As the controversy surrounding President Biden’s St. Croix visit unfolds, the article takes the opportunity to advocate for support for The Gateway Pundit, emphasizing the challenges the platform faces in delivering truthful reporting. The presence of a “F** Biden” flag on a boat serves as a poignant symbol of the diverse sentiments within the local community, showcasing the varied reactions to the President’s presence.

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