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Biden’s Secret Service Saga: Skinny-Dipping Before Female Agents and Dog Biting Fuel Growing Tension

by Jessica

Tensions between President Joe Biden and his Secret Service detail have persisted, with roots tracing back to his tenure as vice president, including incidents where he made female agents uncomfortable by skinny-dipping in their presence.

According to a report by Daily Mail on Sunday, October 8, recent troubles have escalated due to his German Shepherds biting multiple agents.

Biden’s two-year-old dog, Commander, has bitten over a dozen agents and White House staff, necessitating medical attention.

Furthermore, his previous dog, Major, displayed aggressiveness and biting tendencies, leading to rehoming with friends in Delaware.

Ronald Kessler, a prominent author specializing in Secret Service matters, decried the situation, highlighting the agents’ challenging responsibilities of protecting the president, coupled with the fear of dog bites.

Commander was relocated off-campus following exclusive photos published by Daily Mail, depicting the dog biting the White House grounds superintendent on September 13.

The Biden-Secret Service relationship has reportedly become “combustible,” with sources citing issues stemming from tensions with the president’s pets, frequent schedule changes, and other factors.

However, the Secret Service officially denied these problems, emphasizing trust and mutual respect between the agency and the First Family.

Tensions emerged during Biden’s vice-presidential days, with reports of him skinny-dipping in the presence of female Secret Service agents.

Furthermore, his unpredictable schedule and frequent trips to his Delaware home added to the agents’ frustrations.

Trust and confidentiality within the Secret Service are crucial, as agents shadow the president closely, often overhearing private conversations and witnessing personal moments.

The Bidens, like some prior presidential couples, expressed suspicions about agents’ political affiliations, leading to mutual mistrust.

Despite these challenges, recent dog bite incidents have intensified the tensions.

Commander, gifted to Biden in 2021, but at least a dozen Secret Service agents, as revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Subsequent reports indicated that he also attacked residence staff.

German Shepherds, known for their protectiveness, can exhibit aggressive behavior towards perceived threats.

While the Biden administration has defended Commander, stating that the White House environment can be stressful for family pets, former White House officials contend that the First family and their inner circle have not engaged in problem-solving discussions to protect agents and staff.

President Biden initially brought two German Shepherds, Champ (who passed away in 2021) and Major, into the White House.

Major was eventually removed due to his aggressive behavior.

The commander currently resides upstairs with the first couple.

The White House has emphasized that “everyone loves” Commander and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has stated that she personally never felt threatened by the dog.

Efforts are underway to address the Commander’s behavior through new training methods.

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