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President Biden’s Approval Rating According to Gallup Poll on Thursday

by Jessica

President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Democratic respondents has experienced a notable drop, reaching one of the lowest points in his presidency according to a Gallup poll on Thursday.

According to the survey, 75 percent of Democratic respondents currently approve of President Biden’s performance, representing an 11-percentage-point decline from the previous month’s poll.

According to The Charlotte Observer on Thursday, October 26, the decline is not exclusive to Democratic support. Among Independent respondents, 35 percent expressed approval of President Biden’s performance, marking a 4-point drop from September.

In contrast, the approval rating among Republican respondents remained unchanged, with only 5 percent indicating their approval of the President’s job performance.

Overall, President Biden’s approval rating has decreased to 37 percent, with 59 percent of respondents expressing disapproval. This marks a 4-point decrease from the previous month’s poll.

This dip in approval ratings comes in the wake of significant international developments, particularly the recent conflict involving Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, leading to tragic casualties and hostages.

Israel responded with a series of airstrikes in Gaza, further escalating the situation. The Gaza Health Ministry reported a devastating toll, with 6,546 residents killed and 17,439 injured.

The international response to this crisis has been closely watched. President Biden and other Western allies have indicated their support for Israel in response to the Hamas attack.

In a notable development, the House approved a resolution expressing support for Israel and condemning the attack by Hamas.

The Gallup poll, conducted from October 2nd to 23rd, involved a total of 1,009 respondents. The margin of error for the poll was 4 percentage points.

As President Biden grapples with both domestic and international challenges, his declining approval ratings reflect a challenging political landscape.

The situation in the Middle East, in particular, has triggered significant reactions among the American public and highlighted the complex dynamics at play in foreign policy decisions.

This decline in approval ratings may influence the administration’s policy decisions and strategies moving forward. As President Biden navigates his presidency, the evolving public sentiment will continue to be a crucial factor to consider.

The coming months will be critical for the President and his administration, as they address various issues at home and abroad, seeking to regain public confidence and support.

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