President Biden’s Approval Hits All-Time Low at 34%, According to Monmouth University Poll

by Jessica

President Biden’s approval rating has experienced a significant downturn as the holiday season approaches, signaling a decline in support even from within his party.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, a former lifelong Democrat who has now become an independent voter cited Biden’s perceived “lack of understanding” of American voters as the primary reason for her recent departure from the Democratic Party. Notably, she expressed her intention to vote for former President Trump in future elections.

The latest national public opinion survey from Monmouth University reveals that only one-third of Americans approve of Biden’s performance in the White House.

The poll, released on Monday, indicates that President Biden’s approval stands at 34%, while a significant majority, 61%, disapprove of his job performance. This marks an all-time low in Monmouth polling since Biden assumed office nearly three years ago.

When respondents were asked to assess President Biden’s handling of specific issues, the results were particularly unfavorable. Only 26% of participants expressed approval for his approach to immigration, while a mere 28% approved of his handling of inflation.

It’s worth noting that, in the realm of political matchups for a potential 2024 rematch, Biden had previously held an advantage over Trump in various polls. However, this trend has seen a reversal since October, with Trump now enjoying a favorable position over his successor in most recent surveys.

As the president grapples with declining approval ratings and discontent within his party, these developments could have significant implications for the political landscape leading up to the next election cycle.

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