Doctor Advises Biden to Step Down Due to Health Concerns, Evident Medical Issues’

by Jessica

According to a report by Daily Express on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, concerns over President Joe Biden’s health have prompted a doctor to advise him to step down from his position.

Dr. Suhail Hussain, a private medical professional, expressed his concerns in an exclusive interview with Daily Express US, highlighting Biden’s cognitive decline as a significant factor.

Biden, who is 81 years old, has faced ongoing speculation about his mental acuity, with questions raised about his ability to effectively lead the nation.

Dr. Hussain emphasized that Biden’s cognitive decline appears to exceed what is typically expected with aging, suggesting that there may be underlying medical issues at play.

“It is very hard to say.

It may be he is just 81 years old and that is just the way he is.

One can’t make a diagnosis without an investigation, without blood tests, and without scans,” Dr. Hussain stated.

“There is something wrong over and above what one would expect with just aging.”

While Biden has maintained that his mental health is sound, Dr. Hussain’s assessment raises concerns about the president’s ability to fulfill the demands of his role effectively.

The doctor suggested that some of Biden’s symptoms could be indicative of dementia, though he acknowledged the challenges of making a definitive diagnosis without further medical evaluation.

Dr. Hussain emphasized the importance of having a leader who can handle the intense stress and cognitive demands of the presidency.

He questioned whether it would be prudent for Biden to continue in his role, given the mental rigors associated with the position.

“Is it not better to have another candidate who isn’t going to be in their mid to late eighties?” Dr. Hussain posed.

“In terms of the mental stress, for anyone in such a high position, it is going to be stressful.

You are going to be faced with many decisions to make, meeting other world leaders, running a big administration.”

The doctor highlighted the necessity for mental sharpness and rigor in leading a nation as important as the United States, suggesting that Biden’s age and potential cognitive decline could hinder his ability to perform effectively.

“Operating at that level requires mental sharpness and rigor.

I think it is going to be difficult based on the number of hours of work every day,” Dr. Hussain remarked.

“Without being ageist, at that age, people should realize they have served their time.

They have achieved whatever they wanted to achieve, so they should now step back from the limelight and allow those who are younger and more capable than them to take up the mantle.”

The doctor’s concerns come at a time when questions about Biden’s cognitive health have been exacerbated by an investigation into his alleged retention of classified documents.

While Special Counsel Robert Hur stated that Biden would not be charged in a court of law due to his “elderly” status and “poor memory,” the incident has further fueled speculation about the president’s fitness for office.

Dr. Suhail Hussain, a private GP providing home visits in Hertfordshire and Greater London in the UK, emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s limitations and passing the torch to a younger, more capable leader.


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