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Biden Reveals With Kamala If He’s Quitting Against Trump

by Jessica

President Joe Biden characterized the 2024 presidential race as “the weirdest campaign I’ve ever been engaged in” during a visit to his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, DE, on Saturday. Accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, the president did not directly mention GOP frontrunner Donald Trump by name.

Biden expressed confidence in his campaign, stating, “I’m feeling good about where we are, I am.” He went on to describe his opponent as someone who is against everything without offering clear policy positions.

Referring to the campaign as weirder than the previous one in 2020, Biden emphasized the high stakes and the importance of saving democracy.

Addressing the audience, Biden highlighted the critical role that his supporters would play in securing democracy, stating, “This is a group of folks assembled in this room is going to be able to say, god willing, that this generation helped save democracy. I mean in the literal sense.”

He also underscored America’s significance on the global stage, noting that other world leaders expressed the urgency for him to win in order to safeguard their countries.

Biden cited various polls to reinforce his optimism, claiming a lead over Trump. He mentioned a new Quinnipiac national poll showing a 50-44 lead and state-specific polls from Pennsylvania, where he claimed a 47-39 advantage, and another indicating a 42-37 lead.

Biden also referenced New Hampshire, where he claimed to have received 64% of the vote, specifying that it was among registered Democrats.

However, CNN reported that Trump is narrowly ahead of Biden nationally, leading 49-45. The discrepancy in polling data reflects the ongoing dynamics and polarization in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.

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