HE’S SHOT: Biden Needs Cheat Sheet with Photo of Irish Prime Minister – Who is Sitting Right Next to Him

by Jessica

On Friday, Joe Biden held a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of Ireland, where he utilized a cheat sheet to navigate through the discussion.

During the meeting, Biden made attempts at humor by referencing his Irish heritage, reciting a supposed saying from his grandfather, Finnegan. However, his reliance on pre-written notes became apparent as he read directly from them.

Irish PM Varadkar addressed reporters regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict, advocating for an immediate ceasefire to facilitate the delivery of essential supplies and the release of hostages. Biden expressed his agreement with Varadkar’s stance.

Shortly after, Biden’s handlers ushered reporters out of the Oval Office, prompting speculation about the president’s reliance on prepared materials during interactions.

A closer inspection of Biden’s cheat sheet revealed a photograph of the Irish Prime Minister, despite Varadkar being present beside Biden during the meeting.

These incidents have led to criticism of Biden’s perceived dependence on scripted materials, raising questions about his ability to function effectively without them.

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