Mental Health Expert Saw Signs Biden Was Likely Medicated During Address

by Jessica

A psychiatrist who has worked with elderly and dementia patients for years claimed that President Joe Biden appeared to be on some form of medication during his raucous, anger-filled State of the Union Address a day earlier.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a Beverly Hills-based forensic psychiatrist, said that “Biden exhibited signs of stimulant use to mask cognitive decline in his amped-up, aggressive” speech, the Washington Times reported.

Biden, 81, often appeared to hurry through his speech and would raise his voice despite the fact that he had a microphone in front of him. The Times also cited Lieberman when reporting that “speed and volume of speech can be a sign of using Adderall or another amphetamine.”

“If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine,” she said.

The Times noted further:

Dr. Lieberman, who has not personally examined the president, said the signs of potential pharmaceutical use go beyond how Mr. Biden spoke during the nearly 90-minute speech, but also in his mannerisms.

For example, Mr. Biden typically rests his hands on the podium while delivering a speech from the teleprompter. During the State of the Union, he frequently gestured and moved with his hands at a rapid rate, she said.

At times, Biden slurred his words, a characteristic not uncommon for him, she clarified. However, she noted that on this occasion, he did so at a notably accelerated and animated pace, hinting that he might have been “psychopharmacology helped.”

“It was a word salad on speed,” she said.

Biden’s unusually amped-up speech delivery also caught the attention of many other seasoned political observers, the Times reported.

“No one is going to remember a single thing Biden says tonight. Everyone is going to remember how weirdly amped up he is and how bizarrely fast he’s speaking,” former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer wrote on X.

The Republican response to Biden’s “angry” speech was equally raucous, but much of it focused on criticisms of his border, economic, and foreign policies as illegal immigration and inflation skyrocketed to Americans’ top concerns this election year.

Freshman Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.) gave the official response, which has led to rumors that she might be on former President Donald Trump’s shortlist for running mates because she described much of Biden’s speech as being wildly out of touch with the issues most Americans care about.

“Like so many families across America, my family and I just watched President Biden’s State of the Union Address from our living room, and what we saw was a performance from a permanent politician who has been in office longer than I’ve been alive,” the 42-year-old Britt noted in a video that was shot in her kitchen. “One thing was clear, though: Biden just doesn’t get it. He’s out of touch.”

Britt began by whacking Biden over his lax immigration and border enforcement policies, noting that at least 11 million people have either crossed illegally or have been allowed to stay in the country pending asylum claims that Republicans argue, by law, should have been made in other countries before reading the U.S.

“President Biden inherited the most secure border of all time, but minutes after taking office he suspended all deportations, he halted construction of the border wall, and he announced a plan to give amnesty to millions,” she said. “We know that President Biden didn’t just create this border crisis. He invited it with 94 executive actions in his first 100 days.”

“The American people are scraping by while President Biden proudly proclaims that Bidenomics is working,” she said. “Goodness, y’all. Bless his heart. We know better.”

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