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Illegal immigrant released by Biden kills child and injures 26 others in Ohio

by Jessica

The individual responsible for deliberately driving a Honda Odyssey into a school bus carrying elementary school children in Ohio, resulting in the tragic death of one child and injuries to 26 others, has been revealed to be Hermanio Joseph from Haiti.

This incident occurred as the children were en route to their first day of school and has led to a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide being brought against Joseph in Clark County Municipal Court.

Disturbingly, it has come to light that Hermanio Joseph had initially been apprehended while illegally crossing the southern border in August 2022.

Under the border policies implemented by President Joe Biden, Joseph was not repatriated to Mexico, his country of origin, or his native Haiti. Instead, he was issued a “Notice to Appear” in immigration court and subsequently released, allowing him to move freely within the United States.

The aspect of this situation that draws particular attention is the fact that Joseph presented Ohio State Highway Patrol officers with a valid driver’s license from Mexico upon his arrest at the accident scene.

This detail underscores that Joseph had spent a significant amount of time in Mexico and had obtained legal recognition in that country, including the acquisition of a legitimate Mexican driver’s license.

This implies that Joseph had established a relatively stable life in Mexico, raising questions about the urgency of his migration from Haiti.

Contrary to being a recent Haitian migrant in dire need of refuge, Joseph appeared to have been residing comfortably in Mexico for a substantial period. This aspect raises concerns about his eligibility to enter the United States and remain indefinitely.

However, the actions taken by President Biden seem to diverge from this premise. Despite apprehending Joseph, Biden’s administration chose to release him and, according to the administration’s stated policy, refrained from initiating deportation efforts unless Joseph committed a severe criminal offense.

This policy ultimately resulted in a tragic outcome: a young boy’s death and numerous other children sustaining injuries as they headed to school on their first day.

The incident highlights the consequences of Biden’s border policies, illustrating how an individual with a history of illegal entry and a concerning record in another country was permitted to remain in the United States. The outcome tragically underscores the impact of such policies on the safety and well-being of innocent children.

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