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Is This the Next Media Hoax to Keep Biden in Office?

by Jessica

Joe Biden faces mounting challenges, prompting concern within the Democratic party. His low approval ratings and poor performance in general election polls against Donald Trump have led some to urge him to withdraw from the race, while others suggest replacing Kamala Harris.

These concerns stem from doubts about Biden’s electability due to the perceived role he plays in a struggling economy, along with worries about his age and mental sharpness. Attempts by the media to improve public perception of the economy through Biden’s “Bidenomics” campaign have been hampered by the undeniable reality of rising gas and commodity prices.

Now, there’s an effort to change public perception about Biden’s mental fitness. Some argue that Harris should be replaced because she holds the distinction of being the most unpopular vice president in polling history. With Biden’s age and cognitive decline apparent to many, voting for him often feels like an indirect vote for Harris.

However, Biden cannot easily disassociate from the historic “first woman minority vice president in American history” without facing backlash from the identity-politics-focused left.

To address this, attempts are being made to convince people that Biden is not only mentally fit but also more coherent than Donald Trump. Despite this assertion, there’s skepticism, as many have observed Biden’s cognitive decline firsthand.

For example, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough contends that clips highlighting Biden’s cognitive decline are selectively edited, and similar editing could be applied to Trump. What Scarborough emphasizes is that he aligns with Biden’s policies, making him view Biden as more mentally sound and coherent.

However, the perception of Biden’s mental health is based on the reality of his public appearances, not his policy positions. The media’s attempt to dismiss concerns by suggesting cherry-picked evidence ignores the tangible evidence of Biden’s public interactions.

Comparatively, individuals like Bernie Sanders, who advocate for far-left policies, aren’t accused of cognitive decline based on their policy stances. These concerns about Biden’s mental acuity are rooted in his observable behavior, not his policy agenda.

Ultimately, trying to portray Biden as mentally sharp in the face of evidence to the contrary is as implausible as attempting to present a favorable picture of the economy when it is clearly troubled.

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