President Biden In Hot Soup As He Faces New Lawsuit

by Jessica

Florida officials have filed a lawsuit against five Biden administration officials, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, along with three federal agencies and the U.S. government itself.

As reported by Conservative Brief News on Saturday, October 7, 2023, the lawsuit comes after the Biden administration threatened to withhold grant money from Florida.

This is because state’s new law that makes it easier to “decertify” unions and prohibits some state employers from collecting union dues through paycheck withholding.

The law, signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this year and effective since July 1, empowers the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) to grant exemptions from the new law’s requirements.

The U.S. Department of Labor had previously agreed to conditional waivers but sought permanent waivers for the new law’s provisions affecting mass transit employees, which triggered the threat to withhold federal grants.

In August, the Florida Public Transportation Association warned that approximately $800 million in federal grant money could be at risk.

Florida’s lawsuit argues that the federal action is unconstitutional and seeks to block agencies from withholding federal grants.

It also challenges the part of federal law that the Department of Labor is relying on to question Florida’s law.

The lawsuit contends that while public sector employees have a constitutional right to decide whether to participate in a union, the Biden administration’s policies effectively require them to form one.

Florida AGAshley Moody emphasized that the state passed laws to protect workers from being coerced by unions and criticized the Biden administration for attempting to force states to implement policies against their will.

The lawsuit reflects broader debates over labor policies and union rights.

Critics of Florida’s law have accused it of union-busting, while the state argues that it is safeguarding the rights of workers to make decisions about union participation.

The U.S. Supreme Court has been a significant obstacle to the Biden administration’s agenda, frequently ruling against its initiatives.

A recent Court decision found Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan unconstitutional and several upcoming cases, including those related to gun rights and federal agency authority, could further impact the administration’s plans.

One case that could have significant implications for Biden’s agenda is Moore v. United States.

It revolves around the question of whether the 16th Amendment authorizes Congress to tax unrealized sums without apportionment among the states.

This case could directly impact Biden’s proposed wealth tax, with groups like the libertarian CATO Institute arguing that such a tax would be impermissible under the Constitution.

The lawsuit against the Biden administration over Florida’s union dues law is part of a broader legal and political battle over labor and economic policies.

Its outcome could have implications for labor relations and the authority of federal agencies in the United States.

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