Biden Goes Completely Incoherent at Wisconsin Event – This Was Worse Than Usual

by Jessica

While Biden hasn’t generally been known for his astounding eloquence, his verbal gaffes have been lately so egregious, that even his staunchest defenders have to be questioning their support for his campaign.

Case in point, Biden’s appearance in Wisconsin today turned disastrous the second he was required to string together a coherent sentence.

In a 10-second clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), Biden takes the podium at an event in Wisconsin, celebrating the Biden administration facilitating the replacement of a bridge and pitching the “Investing in America Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

After going on about the boilerplate Democrat talking points, he broke into an uninterrupted stream of nonsense, with the only intelligible words being “thanks for the Great Lakes.”

The audience may have been laughing, but at what? At him?

That’s cold, coming from the people supposedly there to support him. It couldn’t have been for what he said, because what he said was complete gibberish.

It seems to have been something along the lines of “Apenw qqepdjnm. Isbagaapzzx! Zzxjjkanlppin,” but who knows?

Even the YouTube closed captions on the live stream of the event struggled to parse something coherent out of his babbling, giving us gems like “is used to make the beer, beer beard.”

Supposedly, according to YouTube closed captions, he was saying something about the brewery (which would make sense, seeing as the event took place in the Earth Rider brewery), but who could tell?

Maybe they just used AI to manufacture something coherent from our chief geriatric’s mumblings.

The worst part is, that Joe Biden trailing into incoherent mumblings while giving a speech is happening much more frequently, especially since there’s no pandemic allowing him to cover his mental deficiencies by campaigning in his basement.

Just Wednesday morning, when at an event in New Hampshire commemorating the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade (even though it was overturned two years ago), he unleashed a string of garbled nonsense as he reached the climax of his speech, and on Tuesday Biden addressed a staff member at a meeting by the name of a staffer who wasn’t even physically at the meeting.

Even allies like CNN commentator Van Jones recommended Biden conduct the campaign from his basement like he did in 2020, and let his underlings handle the hard work, like saying real words.

With each public appearance, it becomes increasingly obvious that conservatives were right all along — Biden is not well and was not in any position to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

That his family let this happen, when they presumably know better than anyone the true state of his cognitive decline, is nothing short of appalling.

While everyone has a bad day once in a while, and there’s a long tradition of politicians slipping up publicly and embarrassing themselves, this is more than a mere hiccup, or tripping over your words.

Biden’s gaffes and mumblings might be eminently meme-worthy, but considering the importance of his position, it’s much more alarming than amusing.

Still, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

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