Biden Warned Of “Massive Miscalculation” That Might Effect His Reelection In 2024

by Jessica

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters has sounded a warning for President Joe Biden, asserting that a “massive miscalculation” regarding the denial of Secret Service protection to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could jeopardize Biden’s chances of reelection.

According to a report by The Conservative Brief News on Sunday, October 1, 2023, Kennedy, known for his affiliation with the Democrats, is reportedly planning to exit the primary race and run for the presidency as an Independent.

Watters contends that Biden’s treatment of Kennedy, coupled with DNC actions, influenced this decision, with potential ramifications for the upcoming election.

According to Watters, Kennedy’s independent candidacy poses a serious threat to Biden’s reelection bid, as he is polling at 15% among Democrats.

Watters argues that Biden’s denial of Secret Service protection to a figure with a storied political lineage is a substantial misstep, one that might cost him a critical portion of the Democratic base.

Watters emphasized, “A massive miscalculation by President Biden, who was supposed to have a seasoned touch, denying Secret Service protection to a man whose father and uncle were assassinated.”

He predicts that Biden’s refusal to engage in debates and allegations of primary rigging may now backfire, potentially resulting in the loss of key Democratic voters to Kennedy’s Independent candidacy.

Watters acknowledges that while some Trump-leaning voters might opt for Kennedy, the presence of Trump, Biden, and Kennedy on the ballot could sway Republican votes toward Trump.

Kennedy’s decision to switch parties and campaign as an Independent is set to be officially announced on October 9 in Pennsylvania, adding another layer of complexity to the upcoming presidential race.

Mediaite reports an insider stating, “Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy, so an independent run is the only way to go.”

The New York Times has reported that Democrats are concerned about the potential impact of Kennedy’s third-party run, fearing it could divert votes away from Biden and potentially aid former President Donald J. Trump’s electoral chances.

Despite Kennedy trailing significantly in polls, the article suggests that a sizable portion of Democrats desires an alternative nominee.

The critical question is whether this sentiment will translate into votes for Kennedy, potentially influencing the outcome in states Biden narrowly won in 2020.

Furthermore, the information touches on a new poll suggesting that a majority of Americans, including both Republicans and Democrats, believe President Biden’s age could impede his effectiveness in the White House.

In a surprising twist, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has suggested that Kennedy could be a potential running mate for Trump, further complicating the political landscape.

As Kennedy prepares to make his announcement, the political arena braces for the impact of this unexpected move, with potential consequences for both major parties in the upcoming election.

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