Conservative Commentator Urges Biden to Drop Restraint and Take On Trump’s Rhetoric

by Jessica

Conservative commentator Matt Lewis is urging the Biden administration to abandon restraint and adopt a more aggressive strategy against former President Donald Trump. In a piece for The Daily Beast, Lewis expressed concern over Trump’s recent inflammatory remarks about immigrants “poisoning the blood” of America. He criticized the Biden White House for responding with a mere press release, emphasizing the need for a tougher approach.

Lewis pointed to the aggressive tactics employed by James Carville, a strategist for former President Bill Clinton, who used harsh attacks against accuser Paula Jones to undermine her credibility. Lewis argued that if the Biden campaign has someone similarly ruthless, it’s not evident.

According to Lewis, the Biden campaign’s current strategy relies on the hope that the economy will be viewed more favorably next year or that voters will prioritize saving liberal democracy over their economic interests. However, Lewis contends that a more effective approach would be to thoroughly and immediately discredit Trump.

He suggested that Trump’s controversial comments, such as likening immigrants to those “poisoning the blood,” should be turned into a political liability for him. Drawing parallels to past instances where politicians faced repercussions for their remarks, Lewis highlighted the need for a relentless and full-frontal assault on Trump, forcing every Republican to either condemn or embrace his statements.

In urging for a swift and forceful response, Lewis emphasized that delaying action is not an option, asserting that the time for hesitation is over.

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