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Biden Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Everyone Will Need to Get…That Works

by Jessica
Joe Biden

New Jerseyans could be looking down the barrel of a new COVID-19 vaccine mandate after a comment made by President Joe Biden earlier this week.

U.S. President Joe Biden has announced he is asking Congress for federal funding on a new COVID-19 vaccine.

During a stop on his Lake Tahoe vacation, a reporter asked Joe Biden about the new vaccine and the President responded that the new vaccine ‘works’.

Biden’s comments have raised speculation that the existing suite of vaccines, which do not actually prevent the spread of COVID-19, do not work the way they were initially intended

“Can you say anything about all the cases of the new variant?” a reporter asked the President.

“Yes, I can,” he responded. “Matter of fact, I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to Congress. I request for additional funding for a new vaccine…and it works.”

Biden added that everyone will be ‘recommended’ to get the new vaccine, regardless of their current vaccination status.

That recommendation hits hard for residents of states like New Jersey that enforced vaccine mandates and fired state workers for not getting vaccinated.

In the event of another COVID-19 outbreak, New Jersey, under Governor Phil Murphy would likely implement another state COVID-19 mandate for schools, businesses, and public workplaces.

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