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Ben Affleck Looks Miserable After Anniversary In Photo

by Jessica

Famed actor Ben Affleck was seen leaving his office in Los Angeles last Saturday afternoon, as reported by Daily Mail. With a serious expression, the 50-year-old made his way to a parking lot after wrapping up his day’s work, shortly after his first wedding anniversary with Jennifer Lopez.

Known for his laid-back style, the actor donned a light blue shirt and slim-fitting jeans and carried a large backpack over his right shoulder.

The co-writer of Good Will Hunting completed his ensemble with a pair of multicolored Nike sneakers, an interesting choice considering his recent role as former Nike chairman and CEO Phil Knight in the biographical drama, Air.

The film focuses on the creation of the Air Jordan line and Nike’s pursuit of a promotional deal with basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Alongside Affleck, the film starred notable actors such as Matt Damon, Viola Davis, and Chris Tucker. In addition to acting, Affleck also directed the film and worked as one of its producers. He collaborated with Damon to revise the original script written by Alex Convery.

The movie began production in Los Angeles in June of the previous year and wrapped up within a month. Following its world premiere at the recent South By Southwest festival, Air was publicly released in April. The film received a positive response from critics, with a current rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck opened up about his experience working on Air and the creative decision to keep Michael Jordan off-screen in the movie. He felt that letting the audience project their own memories and perceptions of Jordan onto the film added depth to the narrative.

Affleck also disclosed that he didn’t consult with Nike during the film’s development, as he believed the movie was not a history of the brand but rather focused on the journey around the Air Jordan line.


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