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The Massive Legal Bombshell Unveiled by Barron Trump

by Jessica

It has come to light via MSN that Grisham said that it was often difficult to get Melania Trump to agree to attend one event a week and that she would still complain about how much time it would take to travel with her husband and how there was often no real role for her at events.

The first lady would regularly just say no when the campaign would want her on the trail, and would often use as her excuse that she needed to spend more time with her son.

By all accounts, Melania is a good mother to her son, Barron, and the fact that he is finishing up high school in the Palm Beach area is the major reason she’s spent so much time at Mar-a-Lago.

“Another shield,” Winston Wolkoff said. “You can’t say anything bad about a good mother.” Meanwhile, the fate of former President Donald Trump’s New York businesses is still in limbo, and some are wondering whether his son Barron could come to the rescue and save the real estate empire he built decades ago after the legal challenges his siblings have faced.

The civil trial accusing Donald Trump, his two eldest sons, and the Trump Organization of financial fraud remains ongoing, putting the Trump family at risk of losing their ability to conduct business in the Empire State.

But while Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric could all be barred from owning business in New York, several Trumps are not co-defendants in the case, meaning they would still be able to run a business in the state.

Those Trumps include the former president’s daughters Ivanka—who was initially named in the case but later removed—and Tiffany, as well as his wife Melania and the son he shares with the former first lady, Barron. Although Barron’s name has largely remained outside conversations related to the Trump Organization, the 17-year-old is months away from turning 18.

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