Barron Trump Brutally Attacks Liberal Reporters

by Jessica

Patrick Bet-David and Vincent Oshana paraphrased Baron Trump’s remarks at a dinner about the liberal media. According to sources familiar with the plan, Donald Trump’s claim that he could end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours reportedly involves pushing Ukraine to surrender Crimea and the Donbas border region to Russia.

These claims were detailed in The Washington Post’s Sunday edition. Privately, Trump has asserted that both Russia and Ukraine “want to save face” and that some Ukrainians “would be OK” with belonging to Russia, according to a person who spoke directly with Trump and was cited by the Post.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has firmly rejected the possibility of turning over any land to Russia. The war in Ukraine, resulting from Russia’s unlawful invasion, has been ongoing for three years, with devastating consequences including more than 500,000 people killed or seriously injured, according to intelligence estimates.

While a Trump campaign spokesperson dismissed the article as “speculation,” the reported strategy, if true, would reverse President Joe Biden’s efforts to counter Russian expansion with military aid to Ukraine.

This approach has caused Trump to be at odds with many Republicans. Foreign policy experts and some GOP figures have criticized Trump’s reported thinking, with Senator Lindsey Graham stating that Putin’s aggression would be rewarded if Ukraine ceded territory to Russia.

Stimson Center senior fellow Emma Ashford described the reported proposal as a “terrible deal,” emphasizing that caving to Russia for a cease-fire would not guarantee Ukraine future peace with its neighbor.

Trump has previously made public statements indicating his alignment with Russia, such as suggesting he would encourage Russia to act as it wished towards NATO countries that didn’t pay their dues.

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