Wall Street Insider: Bankers Mock Trump, Say “Can You Believe This Guy?”

by Jessica

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” on Friday morning, investment banker and former Donald Trump White House official Anthony Scaramucci claimed that Wall Street executives are laughing among themselves at the former president’s attempts to raise nearly a half billion for his financial fraud appeals bond.

Speaking with the “Morning Joe” panel, the former White House director of communications said he has been in contact with Wall Street bankers, all of whom are skeptical of loaning the embattled former president any money at all considering his history of not paying his bills, reported Raw Story.

“He defaults on everything, you know, if you talk to interior designers, architects, construction workers, plumbing people, he doesn’t pay his bills,” he explained, “He’s always been that way. You can’t give him the money because you don’t have 100 percent certainty — I mean, if he was rated by Moody’s, he’d be a C-plus debt rating, which is specious.”

“His problem now is going to be about the identity he presents to his audience,” he continued. “You know, ‘I’m the guy. I’m the business maverick’ If you don’t really have the money like you’ve been saying you’ve had the money all these years, I think it is a big Achilles heel for him.”

Pressed on why he can’t get the cash he needs from his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Scaramucci first smiled before elaborating, “He may end up getting the money. The question is, where did he get the money? Did he get it from Wall Street? From anybody who knows him? Where is the money?”

“He’s not getting it from Wall Street. I can tell you that,” he continued. “Because of a declarative ‘no’ from every distressed lender on Wall Street. There was a little giggle group chat among a lot of people saying, can you believe this guy is looking for a half a billion dollars with a 15 percent coupon?”

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