Heartbreaking Case – Baltimore Dad Faces Charges in Daughter’s Fatal Shooting

by Jessica

A Baltimore father, Christopher Gamble, 28, faces charges in connection with the tragic shooting death of his 2-year-old daughter on Sunday. Gamble was charged on Wednesday with first- and second-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, and related gun charges. The Baltimore Police announced his arrest, revealing that an investigation determined Gamble was responsible for the shooting in his home on Park Heights Avenue, according to CBS News Baltimore, WBAL, and WMAL.

The criminal complaint states that Gamble’s daughter suffered a gunshot wound to the head on Sunday night, leading to her death at Sinai Hospital. Gamble allegedly informed homicide detectives that he had left a gun he purchased “off the street” on the TV stand in his bedroom, where the shooting occurred. The investigation suggests that Gamble and his daughter were the only occupants of the room during the incident.

During interviews, Gamble reportedly provided conflicting accounts, initially implying his daughter shot herself and later confirming his presence in the room when the shooting occurred. The complaint does not accuse Gamble of firing the gun. A search warrant for Gamble’s home and vehicle did not yield additional evidence, and Gamble claimed not to know the gun’s whereabouts, per The Baltimore Sun.

According to the complaint, Gamble arrived at Sinai Hospital, handed off his daughter, and left. He later returned with a change of clothing and the child’s mother. The mother allegedly reported that Gamble said, “I have to die … it was my fault” while driving back to the hospital.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott expressed deep sorrow over the incident, emphasizing the need for accountability and stating that no 2-year-old should suffer a gunshot wound in a place surrounded by people who love them. Gamble is currently held at Central Booking without bail, as ordered by a court commissioner. Attempts to reach a lawyer for Gamble have been unsuccessful, and his plea to the charges remains unclear.

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