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Baby was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer right after she was born, spends 130 nights in hospital before doctors revealed this!

by Jessica

At the tender age of four months, this little girl faced a devastating diagnosis: stage 4 cancer. Doctors made the alarming discovery after the disease had already spread throughout most of her tiny body.

What followed was a grueling 15-month battle involving intense treatments such as chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, and multiple rounds of radiation therapy. The diagnosis was Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer originating from immature nerve cells found in various parts of the body, including the adrenal glands atop the kidneys, the abdomen, chest, neck, and spine.

Molly’s family endured approximately 130 nights at the hospital as she bravely underwent these demanding cancer treatments. Her mother, Chelsea Hughes, reflected on the challenging journey, saying, “We’re just grateful that she made it through all that treatment.

It was tough. She became extremely ill. The treatments are exceptionally harsh on young bodies.” Unfortunately, one of Molly’s five chemotherapy sessions resulted in hearing loss, and she now relies on hearing aids.

After several rounds of treatment, Molly’s medical tests delivered a glimmer of hope: her cancer had disappeared. In an interview with CNN, her mother expressed immense relief that Molly had defied the odds and was now cancer-free. Molly is thriving, radiating joy, and embracing the normal experiences of toddlerhood that she had missed during her arduous treatment journey.

However, doctors caution that cancer can be unpredictable, often resurfacing. To safeguard against this possibility, they recommend monitoring Molly every three months for the next five years. Currently, Molly is on a new trial drug designed to prevent the disease from returning.

Molly’s mother remains steadfast in her belief that her child needs prayers until she is entirely out of harm’s way from any future cancer risks. She regularly shares updates about her daughter’s progress on her social media account. Molly has come a long way and is now savoring her childhood to the fullest.

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