As 2024 US Elections Approach, Biden Campaign Dismisses Concerns Over ‘No Labels’ Candidate Impact

by Jessica
Joe Biden

As the 2024 US elections loom, Democratic voters express concerns that a potential ‘No Labels’ candidate could divert votes from President Joe Biden. Despite worries, Biden’s campaign remains confident, asserting that a third-party candidate, like a potential No Labels unity centrist ticket, won’t deceive voters.

Quentin Fulks, the principal deputy manager of the Biden campaign, addressed these concerns on ABC News’s This Week, emphasizing that only two parties, the Democratic nominee (Biden) and the emerging candidate from the Republican primary, stand a chance of reaching 270 electoral votes.

Reports in October 2023 hinted at No Labels, an organization promoting bipartisan cooperation, fielding a candidate, causing unease among Democrats. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned of potential damage to democracy, fearing a vote siphon. However, the Biden campaign remains resolute, focusing on issues and dismissing fears.

Despite this confidence, Democratic candidate Dean Phillips of Minnesota suggested he would consider accepting No Labels’ nomination if the race turned into a Biden-Trump rematch and Biden seemed ‘almost certain to lose.’ Gallup polls indicate a split in public favorability between Biden and Trump, both less favorable than in 2020.

Fulks highlighted the campaign’s strategy to showcase policy differences between Biden and the Republican nominee, framing the contest as a two-way battle. He emphasized the campaign’s commitment to delivering a message about restoring democracy and protecting freedoms.

While the campaign expresses certainty that third-party organizations won’t harm Biden, the president himself opines that groups like No Labels could ‘help the other guy,’ referring to Trump. No Labels officials assert they don’t intend to launch a ticket to undermine Biden against Trump.

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