Americans Left Stunned After New Poll Shows Who Majority of U.S. Voters are Backing to Win Election

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over President Joe Biden in Iowa, according to a recent poll, indicating a significant increase in support compared to his margin of victory in the 2020 election as reported by The Hill on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

The poll, conducted by the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa, reveals that Trump leads Biden by 15 points in a hypothetical match-up, with Trump garnering approximately 48 percent of support among Hawkeye State voters compared to Biden’s 33 percent.

This 15-point margin represents a substantial improvement for Trump, nearly doubling his margin of victory over Biden in the 2020 election, which stood at 8 percent.

The poll’s findings suggest a strong base of support for Trump in Iowa, a state where he previously secured victory in the January caucuses and has continued to perform well in GOP primaries.

The wide margin in favor of Trump comes as a blow to Biden, who faces challenges in Iowa, including a low approval rating of just 29 percent.

Furthermore, the poll indicates significant discontent among independents, with approximately 80 percent expressing the belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction under Biden’s leadership.

Another concern for Biden highlighted in the poll is his age, with 56 percent of respondents indicating that they believe the president is too old to serve a second term.

In contrast, fewer respondents, just under a quarter, expressed the same concern about Trump, who is also vying for reelection at the age of 77.

The issue of age has emerged as a focal point in the 2024 presidential race between Biden and Trump, both of whom are in their 70s.

While Biden’s struggles in Iowa suggest that he may face challenges in the general election, the significant lead enjoyed by Trump in the state could have broader implications for the remainder of the campaign.

Early national polls also indicate a competitive race between Biden and Trump, with Trump holding a 2 percent lead over the president on average, according to data from Decision Desk HQ.

The Iowa poll, conducted from February 25 to 28 among 804 adults, carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

The results of the poll show the shifting dynamics of the 2024 presidential race, with Trump consolidating support in key battleground states like Iowa while Biden grapples with declining approval ratings and concerns about his age.

As the campaign progresses, both candidates will likely intensify their efforts to appeal to voters and shore up support in crucial swing states like Iowa.

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