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Allegations of Nikki Haley’s Infidelity Resurface Amidst 2024 Presidential Campaign

by Jessica

Nikki Haley, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, is facing renewed accusations of infidelity, with multiple sources claiming she engaged in extramarital affairs before assuming the gubernatorial office. According to affidavits and new witnesses disclosed to the Daily Mail, the former South Carolina governor allegedly had two extramarital relationships and cheated on her husband, Michael Haley, in 2008. Notably, Haley had previously denied these allegations.

Amidst the full swing of the presidential campaign, the 52-year-old finds herself entangled in controversy as the sole remaining Republican candidate, set to go head-to-head with party rival and GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, in the upcoming elections.

Sources reveal that Haley faced accusations of infidelity back in 2008, with colleagues asserting that her denial at the time was untruthful. Affidavits signed by two men, 49-year-old Will Folks and 61-year-old Larry Marchant, in 2010 alleged sexual relations with Nikki. While news outlets covered these documents in 2010, this marks the first time the affidavit accusing Haley of affairs more than 15 years ago has been made public. The former governor vehemently denied these claims in 2008, asserting she was ‘100% faithful’ to her husband of 28 years.

During the 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial race, Marchant, a lobbyist, claimed to have had a one-night stand with Haley during a 2008 trip to Salt Lake City for a conference on school choice. Haley’s spokesman, Tim Pearson, dismissed these allegations as a “false and outrageous desperate attack” from a losing candidate’s campaign consultant.

Folks also claimed to have had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Nikki ten days before Marchant made his allegations. Multiple GOP insiders have since come forward, providing additional claims that they witnessed Haley’s questionable behavior, including sexually charged encounters in the back of her Cadillac SUV, intimate moments in bars, and nights spent with men in her South Carolina duplex.

Haley’s ex-staff members revealed that the alleged affairs occurred during a tumultuous period in her marriage, claiming, “When she was having the affairs, she and her husband were having a lot of problems and were on the verge of divorce.” Another source attested to witnessing Haley sitting on the laps of individuals and engaging in intimate behavior. Despite these allegations, Nikki and her husband, married since 1996, presented a united front in her 2012 memoir, where she expressed, “I would be lost without him.”

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