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Accident In New York: Six Injured As Crane Snaps And Collides With Street

by Jessica
A towering construction crane collapsed onto a busy street in Manhattan on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, causing 6 injuries and triggering a frantic rescue operation.
The catastrophic incident occurred at approximately 7:30 am in the area of 10th and 11th Avenues and West 41 and 42 streets near the Hudson Yards Complex, New York Police Department noted.
According to Reuters, the construction crane caught fire and crashed into a Manhattan street injuring four civilians and two firefighters as debris rained down during the morning rush hour.
Firefighters and rescue personnel arrived at the scene just as the crane fell, apparently responding to the blaze that had erupted in the cabin before the collapse.
The NYPD urged people to avoid the area, with the surrounding streets blocked and traffic through the nearby Lincoln Tunnel to New Jersey snarled.
Unverified video footage posted on social media showed the top part of the crane snapping and falling to the ground, grazing a nearby building on its way down.
Six people suffered minor injuries when the top of the crane, a 16-ton load of concrete it was lifting, and glass and debris from the damaged building showered into the street, fire officials said.
The collapse resulted in the machine’s massive metal structure plummeting to the ground, bringing down nearby utility lines and causing extensive damage to surrounding buildings and vehicles.
Following the collapse, Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams expressed his condolences to the injured and their families, assuring the public that every possible resource would be utilized in the rescue and recovery efforts.
The accident sent ripples of concern through the city’s construction industry, prompting a review of safety protocols at other active construction sites to prevent any potential future mishaps.
Contractors and construction firms across New York City are expected to undertake rigorous safety checks to avoid similar tragedies.
As the investigation into the New York crane collapse continues, the city remains on high alert, with residents expressing solidarity with the injured and their families.
The incident serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers inherent in construction sites and the need for constant vigilance in maintaining safety at all time.

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