Three people were found dead on Valentine’s Day after what police believe was a murder-suicide. Lury M. Pizarro, 33, and her 3-year-old son, Emmanuel Perez, were among three people found shot to death in an apartment in Brooklyn, Connecticut, on February 14.

The mother and son were allegedly killed by Jose A. Perez, 32, who reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to a news release from the Connecticut State Police, officers arrived at the scene of a “suspicious incident” at an apartment complex on Middle Street in Brooklyn around 8:30 p.m. on February 14. Troopers entered the home and found two adults and a child dead at the scene.

All three were residents of Worcester, Massachusetts. Officials have not released how the individuals knew each other or a possible motive.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots Tuesday evening. CT Insider reported the killings took place inside the Quebec Square Village public housing complex.

Neighbor Kayla Lambert told the news outlet that her husband was looking for their cats when he heard loud banging sounds inside the complex.

It wasn’t until police arrived with guns drawn that he realized he had heard gunfire. Another neighbor said a bullet had gone through the wall of his child’s room.

The family alleges Pizarro and Perez had a history of domestic violence. Boston 25 News spoke with Pizarro’s stepfather, Danel Mendez, who told the station that he believed the deaths were related to domestic violence.

“It’s really hard for us to deal with it. Our only grandson and my oldest daughter … It’s really hard,” Mendez said. “She’s a wonderful daughter.

A wonderful, wonderful mother. And everybody got along with her. She’s a great, great person.” A news release from the Connecticut State Police confirmed it was an isolated incident and that there was no threat to the public.

Pizarro was a doting mother. According to the family, Emmanuel was his mother’s miracle baby, WJAR reported. She had three miscarriages before he was born.

“They were always together. She’s always there paying attention to anything that he needs,” Naty Aldarin, Pizarro’s aunt, told WJAR. “He was the one that was able to bless her you know to have him.”

Aldarin said Pizarro was the kind of person who would do anything for anyone.

“She was very helpful, giving, and selfless,” said Leyshaliz Otero, Lury’s cousin and Emmanuel’s godmother. “Her son was like a rock but when you got into him, he was loving and nice.”

The family put together a GoFundMe account to help with final expenses. Aldrin told WJAR that no one ever expected this kind of tragedy to occur and that the family needs help handling final expenses for the mother and son.

“Lury was a kind and generous person who touched the lives of many. She was selfless and always helping others,” the GoFundMe page reads. “Emmanuel was a smart, loving, caring, playful 3-year-old.

It saddens and breaks my heart how excited Lury was to become a mother. It was something she desired so much. Please help us lay Lury and her Son to rest as they deserve. Please keep our family in your prayers. Thank you for your generosity and love.”

The campaign has raised more than $11,000 of its $50,000 goal. Murder-suicide is on the rise. According to the Violence Policy Center, a recent study found that 11 murder-suicides occur in the United States each week. The killings account for more than 1,200 deaths annually.

During the first half of 2019 alone, 280 murder-suicides occurred in the US, according to the Policy Center’s study. Among them, 89% of killers used a gun, 65% involved an intimate partner, and 95% were females killed by males, according to the study. It recommended stronger domestic violence prevention legislation and the establishment of domestic violence task forces in each state.