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96-year-old Man sexually assaulted a 28-year woman medical provider used needles to temporarily paralyze one of his long-time clients

by Jessica

Police officials said the elderly man, later identified as 90-year-old Shi-Ying, was arrested and later charged with second-degree forced se* offense and se-ual battery after he reportedly used needles to temporarily paralyze one of his clients, 28-year-old Riveer, and made her helpless. The 90-year-old man then se-ually assaulted the victim.

Shi-Ying was taken into custody last week. During an interview with investigators, the victim reportedly said that she had been going to Shi-Ying for acupuncture treatments for about four years.

The woman reportedly told the local news outlet: “I started to realize it wasn’t right when he started taking my dress down. As I had needles in me and just began, like, taking my clothes off basically, and that’s when I was like, ‘Okay, this isn’t right,’ and then proceeded to put his mouth on my body, and it just heavily escalated from there.”

Per reports, the woman was partially paralyzed from the placement of the needles and Shi-Ying knew exactly what he needed to do to incapacitate her.

The 28-year-old woman also said: “I was telling him to stop. I was like, ‘Please stop,’ like: ‘No,’ and he literally just kept repeating, ‘Thank you, thank you,’ and then kept going.”

In addition to what she lived through personally, she was crushed because she had referred about two dozen people to his practice. “He was basically like a grandfather, if anything, like a great-grandfather.

That’s why I feel very strongly about coming out about this, not only is it respect to myself, and not letting somebody get away with this, but also to warn people and let them know this is not a man to be trusted,” the brave woman reportedly said.

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