Former Aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Highlights ‘Choice’ as Pivotal Factor in 2024 Election, Stresses Women’s Role in Decision-Making

by Jessica
Melania Trump

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former aide and friend to Melania Trump, delves into her perspective on the significance of choice in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. As a close confidant to Melania, Winston Wolkoff, who initially connected with the former First Lady in the New York fashion and arts scene, sheds light on her insights into the dynamics shaping the election.

Winston Wolkoff, the first person hired by Melania following Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, faced controversy over alleged benefits as a contractor for the 2017 inaugural. Despite her denials of receiving substantial funds, she was eventually dismissed, marking the end of years of goodwill. According to Newsweek

The intricacies of Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship, from its blossoming romance to its ultimate dissolution, found a platform in Winston Wolkoff’s 2020 book, “Melania and Me.” The book stirred criticism directed at Melania, accusing her of subservience to Donald Trump and concealing purportedly “nefarious” family activities.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Winston Wolkoff asserts her stance on the 2024 election, emphasizing the theme of “choice” and its potential impact on women in deciding the next commander-in-chief. Her message warns that voting for Donald Trump might eliminate choices, particularly concerning women’s reproductive rights. The reference touches upon abortion rights and Trump’s role in appointing three U.S. Supreme Court judges, which shifted the court toward conservatism, ultimately leading to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and granting states authority over reproductive laws.

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