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TikTok Surprise @viviencrumpton’s Unbelievable Journey from Unexpected Pregnancy to Twin Blessings

by Jessica

On her 19th birthday, TikTok user @viviencrumpton experienced a series of unexpected turns when she discovered she was pregnant and simultaneously faced a health condition jeopardizing her twins’ lives. Despite the initial shock and complexities, Vivien and her newborns are now healthy and thriving.

The revelation of her pregnancy was already surprising for Vivien, who was on birth control and unaware of the conception. A hospital visit for a check-up brought an even more astonishing discovery – an ultrasound revealed she was carrying twins, and she was already 36 weeks into the pregnancy, just four weeks shy of full term.

The day took a challenging turn when doctors diagnosed her with Preeclampsia, a serious blood pressure condition associated with pregnancy. Although both twins’ heartbeats were audible, one was smaller, and due to the blood pressure issue, she had to give birth within a week to avoid complications.

With only a week to process the news, Vivien delivered identical twin boys on the following Sunday. Despite the unexpected circumstances, she emphasizes that her babies are healthy and has shared multiple videos featuring her newborn twins on her TikTok account.

Despite missing out on traditional pregnancy experiences like maternity shoots and sonogram pictures, Vivien embraces humor in coping with her unique situation. In response to questions about the duration of her awareness about the twin pregnancy, she humorously quips in a video overlay text, “I would say about four minutes.”

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