8-month-old baby to stop crying before she threw the little baby into a dresser, then picked the infant, shook her, and threw her onto the ground, killing her

by Jessica

According to the court documents, the mother, 30-year-old ShanquiIIa, was sentenced to 35 years in prison after she killed her baby while staying in a motel room with her two other children.

Prosecutors said the mother wanted her 8-month-old baby to stop crying. She then threw the baby into a dresser before picking up the child, shaking her, and throwing her onto the ground.

According to the court documents, the 8-month-old baby was killed because her mom’s frustration with the infant’s crying led her to fatally injured the child.

During the trial, the 30-year-old mom reportedly pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. Prosecutors said the 8-month-old girl, Cheerish, was kiIIed because her mom wanted her to stop crying.

Prosecutors said that when the mother kiIIed her baby, she called the authorities and said that her baby was not breathing. The baby was rushed to the hospital, where she died 4 days later.

The medical examiner told investigators that the baby suffered skuII fractures, was bleeding from her brain, and had an Iacerated Iiver.

During an interview with investigators, the mother reportedly said that she wanted her baby to stop crying and threw her into a dresser.

The 30-year-old woman then picked the baby up and started shaking her, before throwing her onto the ground. The 8-month-old Abby then became unresponsive.

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