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A 7-year-old child was fighting leukemia and going blind after she saw an opportunity to make money by lying and pretending her daughter was suffering from the disease!

by Jessica

According to the police officials, the 41-year-old mother, later identified as Pamela, was arrested and later charged with theft, by deception after she exaggerated and fabricated medical conditions to receive monetary donations from local organizations.

The 41-year-old mother reportedly lied about her 7-year-old daughter, Addey, having a terminal disease and took thousands of dollars from fundraisers.

During an interview with investigators, the mother reportedly admitted to fabricating medical conditions to receive monetary donations.

Per reports, the Sheriff’s Office and the Children’s Services began an investigation into the incident after an eye exam. The school administrator told authorities that the child had perfect vision, even though her mother told them that her daughter was fighting cancer and was going blind.

Shortly after, the provider confirmed that the little girl didn’t have a terminal disease or leukemia as her mother claimed. According to the police officials, a local organization reportedly donated $8,000 to the family. Shortly before the mother was taken into custody, she posted on her social media account:

“When they told us this was going to be the biggest fight so far, we thought we were prepared, but nothing prepares a parent to see any of this. Our hearts are shattered with every single treatment, every single tear and every single night we have to explain.”

The 41-year-old mother even shaved her daughter’s head, subjected her to constant blood tests, and caused her child to miss more than 270 hours of school. Authorities also discovered that the donations were not going toward her daughter’s medical costs and were instead going directly into the mother’s pockets.

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