7-year-old boy who grew his hair for cancer patients gets heartbreaking diagnosis

by Jessica
The unpredictable nature of life means that so often bad things can happen to people who truly don’t deserve them. It’s a lesson Vinny Desautels was taught far sooner than he should have been. This despite having a heart of gold.
You might remember Vinny. He made the news when he was younger for letting his hair grow out for two years. The reason? So he could give the excess to cancer patients. However, in a cruel twist of fate, Vinny was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April 2016 …

One day, the boy came home complaining of pain in his knee. After a trip to the doctor for examination, it was found that he had a growth on his iliac bone.

To make matters worse, over the next week, Vinny developed swelling around his eye. His parents believed it to be some sort of allergic reaction, but the truth transpired to be far worse.

With doctors suspecting the two might be connected (knee and eye) more tests were undertaken. They identified another malignant mass in his eye, and the cancer was thought to be aggressive.

A GoFundMe page was started for Vinny, whose parents faced a struggle when it came to funding his treatment. Dubbed “VICTORY for VINNY”, the page raised nearly $460,000 of the initial $500,000 goal.

In fact, the page did so well that his parents are no longer accepting donations themselves. Instead, they wanted to pay the kindness forward, and so are directing people to donate to other cancer-related GoFundMe pages.

Fast forward to today, and two months ago Vinny celebrated his cancer-free tenth birthday!

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