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6-year-old girl from her home, brought her to an abandoned factory, attempted to indcntly assault her before killing her with a brick and a large boulder, was executed!

by Jessica

Prosecutors have confirmed that Johnny, a 45-year-old defendant who abducted a young girl from her home, transported her to an abandoned factory, attempted to commit a sexual assault, and ultimately killed her with a brick, has been executed, according to state officials.

Johnny was administered a lethal dose of pentobarbital and was pronounced dead by state authorities. He had been sentenced to death for the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of 6-year-old Casey. Governor Parson affirmed the state’s decision to proceed with Johnny’s execution, characterizing his crime as one of the most horrific murders he had encountered.

Before his execution, the convicted killer reportedly issued a written final statement in which he extended his apologies to Casey and her family. “God Bless. Sorry to the people and family I hurt,” he wrote, as reported by WLFI-TV.

According to court documents, the 6-year-old victim resided with her mother and siblings in her grandfather’s house. Casey’s father was staying across the street with another couple to remain close to his children. This couple also allowed Johnny to stay at the house for a few nights.

On the morning of July 26, 2002, Johnny awoke on the living room couch with Casey present in the room, watching television. Reportedly fearing detection for a potential sexual assault, Johnny decided to kill her after having sexual intercourse with her.

He asked the young girl if she would like to go to the glass factory to play games and have fun, to which Casey agreed. They departed together, as reported by L&C. Once at the factory, Johnny attempted to sexually assault the 6-year-old, but she responded by screaming, kicking, and resisting, even leaving scratch marks on his chest. Growing increasingly frustrated, Johnny chose to kill Casey.

He seized a brick and struck her in the head at least six times. Although she was not yet dead, Casey attempted to flee the scene, prompting Johnny to strike her with the brick once more. When the young girl tried to crawl away from Johnny, he delivered another blow, this time using a large boulder on the back left side of her head and neck, resulting in multiple skull fractures.

Witnesses who discovered the girl’s body informed authorities that a piece of concrete, likely weighing around a hundred pounds, was found in the vicinity where Casey’s head would have been. Johnny was apprehended by the police a few hours later and initially claimed that Casey had been struck in the head by a falling rock. However, he later provided a full confession.

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