5 Month Old Infant Dies After Parents Leave Him Inside Car Seat For Over A Week Without Food Or Water

by Jessica

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent, parents whose depraved neglect led to the tragic death of their child, made a series of horrific choices that ultimately cost baby Benjamin his life.

Their callous decision to withhold basic care, including changing his diaper and feeding him, resulted in a harrowing ordeal for the young five-month-old.

When Benjamin was finally discovered, he weighed only two pounds more than his birth weight, a shocking indication of the severe neglect he endured.

His helpless form, with eyes open and fists clenched, was found stuck inside a car seat, a stark testament to the anguish he experienced in his final days.

According to State Attorney Kevin Lyons, the neglectful parents callously placed Benjamin in his crib, strapped to his car seat, while they callously went about their daily lives, callously ignoring his desperate cries for help.

During police interviews, Sargent initially claimed to have tended to his son on several occasions, but later admitted to neglecting the child entirely for eight agonizing days.

Meanwhile, Hermann attempted to deflect responsibility by claiming she thought Benjamin was sleeping and even callously placed a bottle within reach, callously assuming he could feed himself.

Lyons expressed outrage at Sargent’s utter lack of remorse for his son’s death, highlighting the chilling indifference that characterized their actions.

In response to their heinous crimes, a Peoria County Judge handed down severe sentences. Sargent, 23, received the maximum punishment of 100 years in prison, reflecting the gravity of his offenses.

Hermann, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to 50 years, with no possibility of parole, underscoring the severity of her role in Benjamin’s tragic demise.

She will serve her entire sentence, ensuring accountability for her unforgivable actions.

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