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Mother and father beat and shook their 5-month-old baby regularly, causing severe head injuries from which the child is not expected to recover

by Jessica

According to law enforcement, both parents, Cheyenne aged 23, and Javontae aged 31, have been arrested and placed into custody for allegedly assaulting and shaking their 5-month-old infant. Authorities further stated that the parents caused severe head injuries from which the baby is not expected to recover.

Subsequently, both parents have been charged with neglect of a defendant resulting in catastrophic injury and aggravated battery. The parents dialed 911 and reported to the dispatcher that their 5-month-old child was unresponsive. First responders initiated CPR while VCSO deputies and Emergency Medical Services were dispatched to the location.

First responders continued life-saving efforts and managed to restore the baby’s pulse. The infant was then transported to a hospital, where he was put on a ventilator. Shortly after, due to the gravity of the injuries, the baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital for specialized care.

Doctors who assessed the infant’s condition revealed that the baby sustained a skull fracture, subdural hematomas, retinal hemorrhages, and subarachnoid bleeding. Medical experts identified these injuries as consistent with violent shaking and/or impact.

The baby was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and is not anticipated to survive. The injuries were determined to be consistent with abusive head trauma and characterized by doctors as intentionally inflicted. Medical personnel also pointed out that the infant’s life-threatening condition should have been apparent around the time he was placed in bed.

Doctors conveyed to both the parents and authorities that the infant’s survival prospects were bleak. Police officials reported that the parents failed to provide any explanation, whether accidental or otherwise, for their baby’s injuries.

During interviews with investigators, both parents denied causing the injuries or possessing any knowledge or suspicion that the other parent had harmed the infant. Additionally, police authorities noted that the parents provided conflicting accounts regarding which of them had put the infant to bed before discovering that the baby was unresponsive.

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