Dad, who asked his 3 sons to join him for a nap before he got out of bed and executed them, admitted he had not slept for days

by Jessica

In accordance with court documents, a 32-year-old defendant, later identified as Chad, is scheduled to stand trial from July 8, 2024, to August 2, 2024, for the tragic deaths of his three sons: 3-year-old Chase, 4-year-old Hunter, and 7-year-old Clayton.

Prosecutors allege that the father invited his wife and three sons to join him for a nap, but then inexplicably left the bed and opened fire.

During questioning by investigators, the father reportedly confessed that he had been unable to sleep for days prior to the horrific incident, weighed down by the unbearable burden of contemplating the unthinkable act of taking his sons’ lives.

County Prosecutor Mark expressed the gravity of the situation, saying, “I cannot delve into specific details due to the nature of this being a potential death penalty case.

My aim is to seek the ultimate penalty for the appalling act he committed against these three young boys. It is an act of incomprehensible horror inflicted upon this family.”

According to court documents, the 32-year-old father first shot his 4-year-old son, followed by his 7-year-old son. He then forcibly took his 3-year-old son from his mother’s grasp and tragically ended the child’s life.

Prosecutors assert that the father fully admitted to these heinous crimes, further revealing that he had been planning and preparing for this horrific act for several months before carrying it out within the confines of their home.

The mother of the children was also injured, sustaining a gunshot wound to her hand. At least one neighbor attested to witnessing a pattern of abuse directed at both the wife and children by the defendant, noting that his anger appeared to be a daily occurrence.

The 32-year-old father faces a total of 21 charges, including nine counts of aggravated murder, along with charges of kidnapping and felonious assault. County Prosecutor Mark reiterated, “This is indeed a death penalty case, and my primary objective is to seek the execution of this individual for the brutal killings of these three young boys.”

An obituary for the children poignantly remembered them as inseparable in life, now united for eternity, where they can continue their shared love for fishing, playing outdoors long past bedtime, hearty laughter, and endless giggles in the embrace of heaven.

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