Father left his 3-month-old daughter alone on a mattress on the floor the baby fell off the mattress and in between a concrete wall, leading to the child suffocating!

by Jessica

Law enforcement officials reported that a 44-year-old father named Kevin was apprehended and subsequently charged with child manslaughter.

This tragic incident unfolded as he allegedly left his 3-month-old daughter unattended on a mattress while engrossed in watching YouTube videos.

The dire consequences ensued when the infant inadvertently rolled off the mattress, positioned on the floor, and became wedged between the mattress and a concrete wall, ultimately resulting in her suffocation.

On September 5, 2023, Kevin was at home with his 2-year-old and 3-month-old daughters. During his interaction with investigators, the father purportedly confessed to placing the baby on a mattress situated on the floor.

He acknowledged his error, expressing remorse for his actions, and indicated that he should have placed the infant in a nearby pack-and-play. This regrettable revelation emerged during interviews with law enforcement.

Subsequently, Kevin urgently contacted authorities, reporting that his 3-month-old daughter was found unresponsive and face-down at their residence.

First responders arrived promptly, discovering the baby in a critical condition, positioned face-down in the confined space between the mattress and a concrete wall.

In the course of discussions with investigators, Kevin claimed that he was watching YouTube videos, and it was approximately 15 minutes after checking on his daughter that he noticed her face-down on the floor.

He promptly dialed 911 upon realizing the dire condition of the 3-month-old. Authorities noted that Kevin had initially placed the baby on the mattress at around 6:01 p.m. on September 5.

However, the call to 911 did not occur until 8 p.m. that evening. A review of Kevin’s browser history revealed multiple searches conducted between 5:57 p.m. and 7:56 p.m., with the 911 call transpiring a mere five minutes afterward.

The child’s mother, who remained unnamed, informed investigators that the baby typically lay on her back and had not yet developed the ability to roll over.

She emphasized that the victim had not learned how to crawl or turn over independently. The mother believed that the baby’s tragic demise resulted from an unfortunate accident.

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