Man Drugs 2-Year-Old Baby With Cocaine So He Can Abuse Her While The Mom Lets Him

by Jessica
Man Drugs 2-Year-Old Baby

Cases of child abuse continue to be distressingly common, with recent revelations in Madison County, Illinois serving as yet another grim reminder of this harsh reality. A two-year-old child was brought to a medical facility by her mother, setting off a chain of events that exposed a deeply disturbing case of child abuse.

Medical staff at the facility promptly identified signs of abuse and promptly alerted law enforcement to initiate a thorough investigation. The harrowing details of the case came to light during the court proceedings involving the child’s mother, Lacey Take, and her partner, Matthew Miller.

The case paints a chilling picture of the 31-year-old mother, Lacey Take, and the 40-year-old Matthew Miller, revealing both neglect and the horrifying depths of Miller’s depravity. Shockingly, evidence indicated that Miller had assaulted the two-year-old on at least two occasions, specifically on July 10th and 23rd.

Authorities suspect that Take was aware of her daughter’s sexual assault by Miller but failed to report it to law enforcement or seek medical help for the child. Even more disturbing, it is believed that Take continued to leave her daughter in Miller’s care despite knowing about the previous abuse.

Court documents unveiled the gruesome events that the infant endured over a two-week period, leading to her hospitalization at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment.

Police investigations suggest that the couple had been using cocaine before the abuse occurred, with reports indicating that the drug may have been used to subdue the child during these horrific incidents.

Miller stands accused of sexually assaulting the child and inflicting bite marks on her during these assaults, which took place approximately two weeks apart. It wasn’t until the child’s second assault on June 23rd that medical staff at Anderson Hospital in Troy, Illinois, became alarmed and alerted the police due to suspected abuse.

Police reports revealed the horrifying extent of the abuse, with medical professionals identifying human bite marks on the child’s body, including her leg, foot, and hand.

During their court appearance, both individuals faced a litany of charges. Matthew Miller was charged with three counts of sexual assault and four counts of aggravated battery, reflecting the severity of his alleged crimes.

While law enforcement does not believe Lacey Take participated in the sexual abuse, they contend that she was complicit in her knowledge of the ongoing abuse and her failure to act in the child’s best interests. Consequently, Take faced charges of two counts of child endangerment and permitting sexual abuse of a child.

The gravity of the charges against Take and Miller is underscored by the substantial bail amounts set by the court, with Miller’s bail set at $1 million and Take’s at $500,000.

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